The gift of choice

As I sat in front of the lake in the park, a nagging thought kept popping up: “I should finalize and release the blog post. I feel comfortable with it.” I sighed with relief. Within a few seconds, my mind was racing. I slowed down, focussed my attention on the Canadian geese, as I observed …

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Breathing check-IN

“I can hardly breathe!!!” Angela stated, as she came into my office for her first visit. I hardly expected her to understand what a check-IN entails or why it would benefit her. In fact, for most people “checking in” is often associated with travel, rather than a SELF-CARE opportunity. However, for me a check-IN, is …

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Seeds of Freedom

Dear friends, From early on in life my purpose has been to learn, share, empower and create a fertile ground to explore well-being and freedom. In today’s world where information is abundant, possibilities seem endless: flying into space, living alternative lifestyles and experiencing thrills are more accessible than ever before. Our collective prosperity has exponentially …

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