The gift of choice

April 11 2019
As I sat in front of the lake in the park, a nagging thought kept popping up: “I should finalize and release the blog...

Breathing check-IN

January 10 2019
“I can hardly breathe!!!” Angela stated, as she came into my office for her first visit. I hardly expected her to und...

How to deal with stress and anxiety?

June 10 2018
While stress and anxiety can be overwhelming to solutions are often pretty easy. To learn more read this blog.

Why suffer from lower back pain?

October 17 2017
Dana, a 45 year old mother and an avid runner, came in for a treatment with severe ongoing lower back pain. A couple ...

Tension, Ease and Balance

August 19 2015

 This was one of those mornings. My body refused to cooperate. Every move felt strenuous. My lower back had collapsed. My whole body seemed to be throbbing with pain. In the past, I would have taken a couple of Advil's and waited impatiently for the pain to subside.

Listening to Your Body - Observation

July 20 2015
Observational toolsIn the quest for balance and flow, it is easily for one to overlook the state of where they are at...

Proactive Breath - Listening to Your Body 2

June 22 2015
Why proactive breath works.​ In my previous newsletter I invited you to scan your body and observe your center of gra...

Learning to Listen to Your Body

May 18 2015
When working with clients, I am curious as to what their body is communicating. Discomfort, pain, fatigue are some of...

Seeds of Freedom

April 12 2015
Dear friends,From early on in life my purpose has been to learn, share, empower and create a fertile ground to explor...