About Noam Gamady


Noam is a certified Feldenkrais practitioner. He draws from his experience as a Bio-energetics (somatic therapy). In addition, Noam coaches individuals, couples and groups communication skills and conflict resolution.

Noam specializes working with men, creating a safe space for them to tap into their deep-seated feelings, such as: fear, shame, intimacy and vulnerability. 

He guides and support people from all walks of life deal with resistance and overwhelm, as a result of trauma, injuries and simple everyday wear and tear. The tools and guidance he offers focus on revealing the gifts and talents each individual has and interrupt habitual pattens, so they can move towards choice and possibilities.


The treatments and tools are unique to every client, and may include:

  • hand on body / energy work
  • mindfulness
  • breathing techniques
  • sound & movement
  • conversation

The body benefits from on going maintenance. Noam focuses on guiding his clients to tune into their inner experience: sensations, thoughts, feelings, as a means to release and reframe resistance and restore  movement, a quintessential ingredient for shifting habits, while tapping into our body’s wisdom and vitality. His proactive approach sheds light, release tension and paves the way back towards self connection, acceptance and wholeness.    

"Feeling pain does not mean you have to suffer"

As each person is unique, so are the healing approaches. One size does not fit ALL. His personal journey working through physical, emotional pain, unworthiness and depression, have been the driving force, seeking tools to transform challenges into opportunities, while moving towards inner balance, happiness and vitality. He integrates tools such as, movement, mindfulness, breath and communication skills, creating a safe environment for clients to experience the difference. 

"Consciousness can intervene to reduce suffering even when the levels of physical pain doesn't change" Deepak Chopra.

Noam's practice is based in NYC and Brooklyn since 2010.

Noam also facilitates classes & workshops teaching movement & mindfulness techniques where you can experience how to reduce pain, self connect, restore flow and vitality in your life.

For almost two decades Noam has trained with some of the most renown teachers in the fields of mind and body integration: 

Feldenkrais institute - David Zemach-Bersin

Ron Baker - Bio-energetics a psychosomatic process  (based on the works of Wilhelm Reich and Alexander Lowen) 

Anodea Judith - Chakra balancing 

Tom Bond - Nonviolent Communication ( based on the teachings of Marshall Rosenberg)

MISSION: Offering nurture, guidance and support empowering participants to live in harmony from the inside out.