Types of Services Offered

1) Beyond coaching program / in person or Skype

How would your experience be different if you were not concerned about getting into a conflict with your partner? What are you excited about when you get up in the morning?Ready to take a proactive role, step up your game and improve the quality of your life? Conventional counseling fall short at times, when dealing with implementation. Alternative counseling focuses on guiding you, with simple nurturing tools as you receive the support in meeting your own needs and goals.  


Areas of your life that can benefit from the experience: 

Relationships - building, enhancing and disengaging with grace

Clear communication (self and others)

Negotiation skills, setting boundaries

Career challenges and aspirations 

Creating more balance, clarity and authenticity 

2) Bodywork treatments
The bodywork treatments build the foundation for inner ease and flow. The sessions, focus on addressing the challenges and the symptoms as part of the whole, individually tailored, offering a variety of alternative modalities, such as, the Feldenkrais method, Reiki, and acupressure bring greater ease and relief into your life, tapping into new layers of possibilities. 

Who can benefit: 

Individuals that have experienced a loss of physical mobility, as a result an accident or trauma or illness.

Individuals experiencing pain, tension and discomfort, ready to explore alternative modalities.

Performers: dancers, musicians and athletes interested in enhancing their skills.  

3) Awareness Through Movement

In Awareness Through Movement lessons, participants have the opportunity to take part and discover experientially through precisely structured movement explorations that involve thinking, sensing, moving, and imagery. Many are based on developmental movements and ordinary functional activities. Some are based on more abstract explorations of joint, muscle, and postural relationships, which can be sequential or independent. The lessons consist of comfortable, easy movements, gradually evolving into movements of greater range and complexity. 


attend to one’s whole self

eliminate unnecessary energy expenditure

mobilize one’s intentions into actions

improve daily functions whether you are a musician, an athlete, a dancer, or an individual seeking to improve their range of motion

decrease stress and pain

increase sensory awareness 


4) Beyond workshops/ practice group
Who may attend?

Participants curious to deepen practice simple tools, movement, breath work, and observation that encourage self and outer connection. Access the hidden messages stored within your body. The experiential workshops, are focused on a variety of subjects, such as:

Building relationships - how to cultivate and grow your love

Moving out of pain - 101

Chakra balancing for Western pragmatics


What you will gain:

Communication skills with self and others


Information - stages of development, why we built defenses in the first place and how we can transform them to meet our needs    

Simple tools, breath, sound, movement and mindfulness

Self connection: purpose, passion and vision 

Ease and relaxation techniques  

Private Sessions

Each session is 55 minutes long

$110 single session (Brooklyn studio)
$500 for five sessions (Brooklyn studio)

Please add a surcharge of $30 for each appointment in Manhattan treatment room)

Please contact Noam for private appointments on Skype, group and corporate event rates