"I tend to store a lot of tension in my back and shoulders. Noam was able to release it consistently. In order to support the process he encouraged me to breath deeply because sometimes the work could be intense depending on the level of stress stored. Noam also discovered that I had some blockages in my hips and legs, which I wasn't aware of and that surprisingly were even harder than the back ones. I wouldn't say it was a relaxing session, actually a little challenging one especially because I encouraged him to apply the most appropriate pressure, but after the treatment I felt like I was flying! Bravo Noam!" - Silvia

"My experience with Noam and his body/energy sessions have been life changing. When Noam first mentioned he was doing somatic work I assumed it was a common feel good approach that can be experienced in a vacation spa.  Reluctantly I decided to ask Noam for some relief when I consistently felt myself experiencing tightness in my lower back, my calves, neck, shoulder and almost every muscle of my body through years of playing sports and not stretching. More than anything I allowed the stress to build up." - Sohail

"Noam's approach is as much spiritual as it is physical. After each session I experience an emotional release that has been built up, the relief and ease carries with me throughout my week. Since having Noam's hands in my life it has given me blessings unbeknown to me before. I have experienced new levels of intimacy with my wife, healthier relationships with my friends and family and most obviously a new string of opportunities at work. I look forward to continued personal growth with in his approach." - Jonathan