Workshop In NYC

Who is the workshop for?
Many people these days are feeling lost and confused, unsure what is important in their lives or where they are headed. In times of major change, it is helpful to have clear guidance and support to get clear about what moves them, what motivates them and what may be holding them back. 
This workshop is for individuals who are curious and open to exploring and improving their connections and relationships, starting with self. I will be personally guiding you into a clearer education about your deeper potential, helping you to clear the way to a more fulfilled you.
What tools will you receive 
information that will help you become clear about how your life actually developed and evolved into what you currently experience. I call this the life ‘setup.’  More precisely, there are three stages of development we all move through that determine the physical, emotional and mental foundation for your personality. You can learn how to evolve and transform each of those areas to create a more meaningful reality for yourself.
Guided inventories - By looking at what has already taken place in your life, you will create a clearer understanding of your life ‘setup.’ This will provide important clues to the habitual patterns that may be holding you back from living in greater authenticity. By learning to make clear choices about what serves you and what you are ready to let go, you can learn to free yourself to become the source of your own well-being, living truer to who you are today. 
Exercises - You will learn powerful exercises to move energy, freeing more of your authentic self through breath, sound and movement, influenced by the teachings of “Empowered At Last,”, and enhanced by exercises from the Feldenkrais method
Guided meditation is taught and practiced as well. 
Benefits: You will receive deeper clarity, understanding and guidance for making some powerful, more fulfilling choices, with a clear practice that can help you as you move forward in your life. You can learn to live your life as a process that continues to get better and better. 
What to expect/ How will we do it
The Workshop will include a series of lessons where you will receive information and specific tools for creating a new experience. I will create a safe space--a playground--where you get to move into meaningful experiences with other individuals like you who are looking to transform their lives. We will split our time between working as a whole group, also spending time sharing with partners.
Learn how to create powerful moves toward your dreams with confidence.
This is the first of three online modules in a series, developed by Ron Baker my dear friend and amazing teacher.  
This is a 12 week course, once a week meeting 6:30 -9 pm
Price: $300 - early bird till Sep1
          $340 - After Sep. 1st
Dates: Tuesday September 20th -December 6
12 lessons include: 
1 - Showing Up for Yourself
2 - Living Life as a Process
3 - How Our Lives Were Set Up
4 - Creating an Adult Reality
5 - The Power of Proactive Breathing
6 - Really Nurturing You
7 - Why Our Wounded World Does NOT Work 
8 - Negotiating Resistance
9 - The Power of Imagination
10 - Creating a Real INNER Connection
11 - Deepening Self-Acknowledgment, and finally...
12 - Recap and Celebrate!