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Through this in-person hands-on treatment, clients experience the release of tension and stress buildup, creating more calm and flow in the body. Treatment may include soft gentle movement, stretching, and deep tissue; among others.

Whichever of these treatment options you prefer, the goal is to help you overcome your obstacles with curiosity and without judgement.

Whether you are recovering from injury or looking to improve your mind-body connection, I can help you untangle the holdings and blockages you may experience (both past and present).

 Common areas of tension include:

- neck and shoulders 

- lower back

- sciatica

- migraines

- jaw and other areas

How I work

To best serve you I suggest a couple of a couple of sessions to begin with. The first session is understanding why you are here and beginning to work on the issue. The second session is to complete the process. Often the immediate goal can be achieved in a couple of sessions.  When the issues are long standing you may need additional treatments.

I am a Certified Feldenkrais and bioenergetics practitioner; in addition to working with deep tissue, facia, and pressure points.

This work benefits people who experience ongoing pain and tension in their body due to injury and wear-and-tear. I also work with people who would like to enhance their skills using their body: performers, musicians and athletes.

Each session is customized and may include movement, breath, mindfulness and energy clearing so you can release pain and tensions stored in your body, leaving you feeling at ease, recharged and restored. Clients also often report an immediate relief and improved vitality; which leads to an increased awareness of their possibilities.

What you can expect:

  • Hands-on Feldenkrais, pressure points and Reiki
  • Realignment
  • Balance
  • Disk Bulge Alleviation
  • Nervous system / Using brain plasticity to expand mobility and calm 
  • Mindfulness and breath work
  • Managing stress and anxiety

The benefits of this work include:

- more ease and mobility in the body, less pain (more freedom, doing more of the things you love doing --- running, walking, dancing, swimming, etc. Your body no longer limits you.) 

- improved mental state and ability to make better decisions

- tap into your inner inspiration to improve your craft (whether you’re a singer, athlete, performer, etc.)

- dealing with aging (preserving your body functions as you age)

- release pent-up tension in connective tissues and fascia, offering remedies to reduce tension and strain while creating more ease and fluidity in the body.

- Deal with sleep apnea: people who experience loss of sleep also experience fatigue, which often leads to emotional volatility and negative thoughts.

- Overcome *resistance* depression and avoidance **********

Duration and Cost:

90 minutes --- $200

** All treatment is done fully clothed.


* Online sessions done in the comfort of your home. I will help you release tension and stress build up in your body, using guided scan movement, breath work and mindfulness.

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