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This transformational mentorship is where we "dive" deep. Rather than the over the counter / surface base solutions or the quick fix approach, this intensive is focused on your internal process. Here you have the opportunity to go beyond the limitations that have kept you back from fully expressing who you choose to be.

This customized experiential process will help you transform habits and blockages and unleash your full expression and potential as you restore the vitality and the fulfillment you seek.

Becoming the Source of your experience, commit to showing up, shining your gifts and skills as connect with your deepest desires in all aspects of your life, such as:

    • personal health
    • reducing stress and anxiety
    • relationships
    • find your purpose

When you show up from the "inside out" you can enter the world with courage, boldness and the audacity, creating the freedom, movement and inspiration you seek. 

Duration: 12 weeks


x1 - introductory session  

x11 - Individual sessions (Once a week)

x4 - weekly check-in calls (15 min.)

 x3 - workshops

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