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Find your freedom from inside?

This package is for first time clients.


x1 - introductory 1 1/2 - 2 hour session - Whether you're facing physical or emotional challenges, this session will help you get crystal clear: what challenges you, what inspires you and  what would be some of the outcomes you would like to experience. 

- hands on treatment (clothing on)

x3 - sessions - These sessions are different from most traditional pain, stress and movement related approaches, which often do not get to the real source of issues, rather tends to provide surface level, band-aid and quick-fix solutions. In these sessions I help you transform from the “Inside-Out” rather than “Outside In”. The work is designed to remove the restrictions and limitations that prevent you experiencing more flow, ease and mobility in your body. As you replace some of the restricting habits that hold you back and keep you stuck, you will move towards more vitality, excitement and peace of mind in your life.

These work has profound benefits:

  • Individuals that have experienced a loss of physical mobility, as a result an accident, trauma or illness

  • Individuals experiencing pain, stress and discomfort, ready to explore alternative modalities.

  • Performers: dancers, musicians and athletes interested in enhancing their skills.   

 This package is valid for 90 days from purchase.

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