Body Work

During the pandemic, safety is a major concern. The same time, tension and stress are on the rise and continue to build up in our body. As the city begins to open, maintaining a safe environment Is a priority. For this reason, I have identified a treatment room located on UES in a newly renovated space, leaving ample time between sessions, to allow for sanitation and air circulation (HEPA air filtration). Treatments are done masked.

For specific concerns, please reach out directly.

The bodywork treatments build the foundation for inner ease and flow. Based on the Feldenkrais method and other modalities, such as, Reiki and pressure points, and mindfulness, each session is individually tailored to address solutions, based on your needs.

What to expect:

Evaluation: identifying and setting an intention. Where are you experiencing tensions, resistance and holdings at this time?

Body scan: we spend a few minutes scanning your body sensation (map) as the starting point.

Hands on: now, we begin to move the blockages using gentle movement and attention to allow for greater ease and relief in your body, as you tap into new layers of possibilities.  

Who can benefit:

  • Frontline workers such as doctors and nurses, will spend much of their time these days under duress. 
  • Individuals that have Auto immune disorders, loss of physical mobility
  • People that have experienced physical and emotional trauma or illness resulting in pain, tension and discomfort, and are ready to explore alternative modalities.
  • Performers: dancers, musicians and athletes interested in enhancing their skills. 
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