This treatment allows clients to experience a release of tension, creating more calm and flow in the body. Treatment plans may include soft gentle movement, stretching, and deep tissue among others.

Whether recovering from injury, overcoming trauma or looking to improve your mind-body connection, the somatic approach helps untangle holdings and blockages (both past and present) and allows for new possibilities.

 Common areas of tension and restrictions may include:

– Neck and shoulders 

– Joints 

– Lower back

– Sciatica

– Migraines

– Jaw and other facial areas

– Abdominal irritation

How I work

For new clients the first session is 90 min. It includes:

  • An initial intake
  • Goals for treatment
  • Identifying your holding patterns (indirect pain)
  • The treatment approaches that best fit you
  • Creating a treatment plan

As a healer, I am a Certified Feldenkrais and Bioenergetics Practitioner; in addition to working with deep tissue, facia, and pressure points.

Each session is customized and may include movement, breath work, mindfulness and energy clearing.

The goal is to help you overcome your obstacles with curiosity and without judgment. Releasing pain and tension stored in your body leaves you feeling at ease, recharged, and restored. 

In our work together, clients experience the freedom from self-imposed limitations – the blocks that keep them from improving – and tap into the joy they know is possible.

The benefits of this work include:

  • Access your creative potential
  • Learn how to learn
  • Pain free
  • Love and accept your body
  • Increase your flexibility in body and mind; and experience more ease and mobility in your body
  • Do more of the things you love doing — running, walking, dancing, swimming, etc. Your body no longer limits you.
  • Improve your craft (whether you’re a singer, athlete, performer, etc.)
  • Elderly (preserving your body functions and mobility as you age)
  • Release chronic tension in the connective tissues / fascia, creating more ease and fluidity in the body
  • May help reduce insomnia and bodily fatigue as a consequence of loss of sleep, which often leads to emotional volatility and negative thoughts
  • Emotional regulation

This work benefits:

  • People who experience ongoing pain and tension in their body due to injury and wear-and-tear
  • Performers: artists, dancers, singers, musicians and athletes
  • Individuals who experience anxiety and stress 

Duration and Cost:

60 minutes — $140

** All treatment done fully clothed.

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